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What Are Skeleton Leaves?

Leaves have an intricate structure and natural symmetry called venation. It's a fragile beauty that is normally hidden and transient, like that of a snowflake or a spiders web. "Skeletonizing" leaves started in China as a popular but secret art form. It became more commonly known in Western culture during the English Victorian era. It was fashionable to make "phantom bouquets" from skeleton-like leaves to accompany death portraits.

In 1993 a gentleman named Booker Morey discovered an accessable process for exposing the fine vein structure in leaves. With this method you can hand-process a leaf to reveal its inner lacy design. Once skeletonized a leaf can be left white or hand dyed in autumn colors and arranged under glass in a picture frame or as a very fragile bouquet. It has also become a popular way to make jewelry. The skeletonized leaves are electroplated with either gold or silver and this process is an even more closely guarded secret.

This website will take you through the process of "skeletonizing" and hand coloring leaves suitable for
framed arrangements under glass.

Visit our gallery and view all the unique art from: Sattva Gallery Logo website link

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